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Hello and welcome to Worksheet Depot, a resource centre for students studying computer applications as part of a Basic computer, an Information and Communication Technology (ICT), or ECDL course. This eLearning site contains video tutorials, simulations, quizzes, blog posts and worksheets that will help you with your studies.

Latest Tutorials

Mobile Apps Slide Show

Mobile Apps

Install, Update and Remove

Database training

Database Quiz

Practice Quiz

Excel training

Error Messages

Common error messages in spreadsheets

Excel training

Scale a worksheet

How to scale a worksheet for printing

Excel training

Print Headers & Gridlines

Printing Row & Column headings

Excel training

Move or Copy worksheets

Move or Copy between workbooks

Excel training


Average, Max, Min & AutoSum

Excel training


Count Numbers, CountA & Round

Excel training

Print Titles

How to print Titles on every page

Training Modules & Quizzes

Mail Merge Training Simulation

Mail Merge Training Simulation

Training demonstration & simulation

ICT Short Course

ICT - Short Course

Introduction to some basic computer terms

ICT Quiz

ICT - Review Quiz

Test your knowledge

ECDL Communication Quiz

Review Quiz - Communication

Multiple choice, matching and hotspot questions

ECDL File Management Quiz

Review Quiz - File Management

30 questions for you to try!

ECDL Web Browsing Quiz

Review Quiz - Web Browsing

Try this interactive quiz

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial

Create a query in a database

Video Tutorial

Using a * (wild card) in a query

Video Tutorial

Creating Relationships between tables

Video Tutorial

Creating a Validation Rule

Video Tutorial

Logical If Function

Video Tutorial

Absolute Reference

Video Tutorial

Mail Merge